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As a Certified Lactation Educator & Counselor (CLEC), I will join you in your home to assess and address the most common difficulties that come up with early breastfeeding. This may include,

  • Baby's position & latch
  • Nursing a sleepy or fussy baby
  • Nursing with over active letdown (too much milk)
  • Nursing to build milk supply (too little milk
  • Breast pump usage & fit, plus pumping tips
  • Bottle introduction & paced feeding
  • Day or night weaning (for older children)


Situations out of my scope of practice will be referred to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). This may include,

  • A baby struggling with weight gain
  • Nursing after breast augmentation
  • Nursing a Pre-term baby
  • Tongue tie or other anatomical complications
  • Feeding a baby with medical history
  • Using medication for on-going supply issues
  • Making decisions about formula or donor milk supplementation.