Jen is a gem...from the moment I met Jen I immediately felt eased and soothed by her calm presence: she has the qualities of an old friend. She is incredibly kind, supportive and knowledgeable and non-intrusive during a time when your whole household may be in upheaval. She comes in with the pure agenda of helping your family as it needs to be helped. She knows every family is different and she tailors her care through quiet observation and intuitiveness.”
— Thaai, Mike & Baby Walker
The main thing you need to know about Jen is that she approaches being a doula with total professional commitment. This is not some thing she does just because she loves babies. She’s well-trained, well-read and well-practiced in caring for both newborns and nervous new parents. :)
— Valerie, Steve & Baby Sophia
Simply put, Jen is an awesome person who possesses a unique and special personality that makes anyone at ease and instantly comfortable in her presence. Her dedicated yoga practice is evident in the way she can calmly assess a situation and bring enlightened perspective to new and experienced parents. For us, we found so much comfort and strength in talking with Jen about our thoughts, apprehensions, doubts, etc. as new parents.
— Amanda, Paul & Baby Max
What I particularly appreciated about Jen was how she was filled with knowledge and guidance but never pressured us into decisions. She always laid out different options and explanations and completely empowered our family to decide what was best for our daughter. I highly recommend Jen! She will support you, encourage you and nurture you. I can’t imagine what my first two months would have been like without her. She truly became part of our family and we remain friends today. We miss her dearly and are so grateful for her support in our early days of parenthood.
— Charlene, David & Baby Natalie
What really sets Jen apart is that she has exceptional expertise both with babies AND in communication in general. She sets everyone at ease with her warmth, confidence, and reassurance. We also admired the way she was able to come up with flexible strategies that were specific to our baby and family dynamic, rather than advocating a single, fixed philosophy of care, which is what the baby books do.
— Susan, Pierre & Baby Gabriel
Jen is AWESOME!  She got us off to a great start with the baby but also was looking for anyway to help me with my recovery. Her coaching me through breastfeeding a small and sleepy baby was invaluable. Jen is proactive and truly great to have around.  We had committed to another night doula for the following weeks, and although she was perfectly adequate in the role, Jen stands out far above.
— Kim, David & Baby Nicoli