PEdiatric sleep coaching

Navigating sleeplessness is a season of parenting that will pass, but sleep deprivation is REAL.

There is no ONE approach or standard way of doing things that will work for every child. Sleep is a developmental milestone, like walking or talking, which means the timeline for when it will happen is different for every child.  

   Did Not Sleep! 

I was a night doula for a decade & mom to a baby

As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I work with you to better understand normal childhood development & help usher you to a place that feels more sustainable. 

This may come through schedule shifts, routine shifts, behavior shifts or mindset usually includes a combination of all of the above.

(That's over 15,000 middle-of-the-night hours spent with OTHER people's babies).

-Allie & Ethan 

What is so special about Jen is that she lovingly demystifies the process through her incredible knowledge base & skill set. 

She helps you control the things you can & let go of the things you can't."

How You can use Your visits...

Sleep Education

Learn about normal expectations for sleep from birth through age 5 and the options available to you based on your family preferences and your child's development & temperament. You can book a sleep consult prenatally or anytime once your baby is home to learn more about sleep!

Sleep Challenges

Regressions, teeth, separation anxiety, nap refusal, feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep, waking all night long or short naps.

Sleep Transitions

Moving your baby to their own room, welcoming a sibling, transitioning to a toddler bed, going on vacation, time zone change or getting ready for daylight savings.

Sleep Consultations may be booked at any time in order to create a plan for change or simply to help you see the forrest through the trees.

Once we have an initial consultation under our belt, you can add short check-in calls at any time to get support as your child's sleep needs change over the years. 

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Choose the support option you are looking for. New families should book the
Initial Sleep Consultation. 


Find a date on my calendar that works for you. 


Book & pay for the appointment. A confirmation, intake form & Zoom link will be sent to your inbox. 


She always laid out different options and explanations and completely empowered our family to decide what was best for our daughter. She will support you, encourage you and nurture you.

"What I particularly appreciated about Jen was how she was filled with knowledge and guidance but never pressured us into decisions. 

David & Charlene


This is not some thing she does just because she loves babies. She’s well-trained, well-read, and well-practiced in caring for both newborns and nervous new parents.

The main thing you need to know about Jen is that she has total professional commitment. 

Steve & Val

She sets everyone at ease with her warmth, confidence, and reassurance. We also admired the way she was able to come up with flexible strategies that were specific to our baby and family dynamic, rather than advocating a single, fixed philosophy of care, which is what the baby books do.

What really sets Jen apart is that she has exceptional expertise both with babies AND in communication in general.

Pierre & SUSAN

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